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                  THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!   THANK YOU!!

A special "THANK YOU" to all who filed an indication to support the GEORGIA Tax Credit program in 2017. 

Attention Donors:


Effective January 01, 2014 everyone must be registered in the Georgia Tax Center. You may do this by going to the GTC web site at and register OR give Golden Dome Scholarship Fund permission to enter your donor information for you. Once registered, you may enter your donation information on that web site OR  Complete your donation information here by clicking on the green button then select the form for your filing status, complete the form, print it out if you desire a copy and click the transfer tab for this information to be transmitted to us. Your data will be transferred to us on a SECURE server. At the end of the process, our site will generate your donation form and ON THE FIRST DAY PERMITTED BY THE STATE OF GEORGIA, we will enter your request to pre-pay that amount to the school you identified.

2015 Funds were depleted on the FIRST day.

2016 Funds were depleted on the FIRST day.

2017 Funds were depleted on the FIRST day.


When you receive your letter authorizing you to pre-pay the amount indicated in your letter from the State of Georgia, you have ONLY 60 days for YOU to get your donation to GOLDEN DOME. 



If you live out of the State of Georgia OR did not qualify to make a Georgia Income Tax credit donation,We will issue you a TAX DEDUCTABLE RECEIPT for any contribution you make to us and award it to the school of your choice. 

(Ideal for out of State contributors or for those reaching their maximun in this program)

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