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Golden Dome invites you to join the individuals, parents and companies that support "School Choice" for each and every child in the State of Georgia.


The Georgia Private School Tax Credit law allows eligible private citizens and corporations to receive tax credits for donations to Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs). SSOs will provide student scholarships to parents of eligible children who plan to attend private schools.

The law establishing the Georgia QEE Credit required that non-profit corporations, called Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs), be created to manage the donations between taxpayers making the donations and the private schools receiving them. A copy of the current Rules and Regulations along with the most current version of the laws are available on the "ABOUT US" tab.

These organizations must be incorporated in the state of Georgia and have an internal revenue service 501 C 3 letter. All SSO's must be registered with the Georgia Department of Education. Golden Dome Scholarship Fund Inc. meets these requirements.