School Qualifications

What it takes to qualify for scholarship assistance.

The Golden Dome Scholarship Fund Inc. was incorporated to assist private schools in obtaining scholarships for their students. These scholarships are funded through donations from individuals and corporations. The management of the Golden Dome Scholarship Fund has been involved with funding issues for private schools for over 25 years. This management team has personally contributed over one million dollars to private schools in Georgia and Florida, the greatest part going to schools in Georgia.

Our motto summarizes our mission statement:

"Providing Educational Funding for our Leaders of Tomorrow - Today"

We are here to assist you, the private schools, in support of the children that meet your admission standards and desire to attend your school.


HB 1133,dated 2008, HB 325, dated 2011,HB 283 dated 2013 and HB 217, dated 2019 established the criteria for a school to participate in this program.( The Rules and regulations and a copy of each law can be found on our "ABOUT US" page with the most current at the top) Some of these qualifications are:

  • You must be accredited or in the process of becoming accredited.
  • Your school must be located within the state of Georgia.
  • The school must abide by the federal and state laws pertaining to educational institutions.