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HB 1133, dated 2008; HB 325, dated 2011; HB 283, dated 2013 and HB 217, dated 2018 required the creation of non-profit organizations called Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO). These organizations must be incorporated in the state of Georgia and have an internal revenue service 501 C 3 letter. All SSO's must be registered with the Georgia Department of Education. Golden Dome Scholarship Fund Inc. meets these requirements.

Golden Dome Scholarship Fund, Inc. will assist you in preparing your request for making a PREPAYMENT of your GEORGIA INCOME TAX to our scholarship fund which will be used to provide scholarships for ANY qualified Student from pre-K through the 12th grade in GEORGIA to attend the school of their choice.

Our organization collects donations and then these funds are made available in the form of scholarships for qualified students that elect to enroll in private schools. The Golden Dome Scholarship Fund welcomes a partnership with any private school that shares our desire to provide support for qualified students that might attend their school.

Here at Golden Dome Scholarship Fund Inc. we support the idea of school choice. It is our goal to provide financial support for parents and schools that believe in this concept also. At Golden Dome, we want parents to be able to select an educational institution where they think their child will excel now and receive the educational benefits required for future success.


The management of Golden Dome Scholarship Fund Inc. has been involved with the financial support of private secondary schools for over 25 years.

The management team has personally contributed over

$ One Million Dollars

to private schools within the state of Georgia. Our motto tells our story:

          "Providing Educational Funding for our Leaders of Tomorrow, Today"